Monday, January 30, 2012

apostrophe 14

Aku beberapa purnama lepas seperti ditikam dengan kenyataan palsu, diejek dengan kewarasan palsu dan penafian dan barangkalai memacu sebuah kehampaan yang kekal tidak terhapus walau aku gigih mengusir.

Hanya yang di atas yang tahu setiap getaran dan gelojak yang memaksa aku untuk tidak menghubungi dia, mungkin tidak bercerita mengenai dia, mungkin tidak cuba mengingat dia atau mungkin juga tidak mendoakan dia.


That's it. I am going to shut off every little thing now. Not everything is worth sharing, though. Some are best unshared.

Again and again, I was punished by my own desire. In this case, the DESIRE was the idea and the thought of, the YOU.

I am trying to eliminate all the hatred. Divert them into something inspiring. Transmit every them with love into the air. Shift my thought about so-called life. Because lately, I do realize, I am getting exactly what I am feeling about, not so much of what I am thinking about
I want to feel healthy. I want to feel better. I want to validate feeling. And I want to live forever, heh, in your blood

Until next time, you fucking cunts! Keep on fucking. And wish me luck in my endeavor!
I am a tortured soul. I bear the burden of being the voice of broken heart . I rescue people, I put smiles on their faces, and more or less, take away all the distresses. And later on, I’ll be left unappreciated.
People like you.